School principal accused of witchcraft!

The director of a primary school in Catemaco, south of Veracruz, was accused by parents of practicing witchcraft against teachers and students, after finding several supposedly voodoo objects buried on campus.

A white doll with some seams, wooden plaques with names of teachers, red ribbons and papers with more names were found underground in the courtyard of the Niños Héroes Primary School, in Colonia Nixtamalapan.

The director was identified by the protesters as José Domingo AA, who allegedly buried the objects with the intention of subduing teachers and students.

For this reason, the parents demanded that he resign before the school supervision, demonstrating this Thursday outside the campus, where they placed some cardboard with protest messages.

The alleged sorcery was observed on the signs and they also requested the presence of educational authorities.

In this Municipality of the Los Tuxtlas area, the practice of witchcraft is part of the culture of the population.

This year they began the construction of a satanic temple in Catemaco, which is planned to be inaugurated on March 1 of next year.

Tourists from various parts of the country come to get clean, and even request the intervention of sorcerers for specific situations.

However, it is the first time that the use of witchcraft against children and teachers has been recorded in the region.

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