Schuh-Platzer leaves the model cold – and suddenly the belt rips

Source: BILD / Instagram @leahpostol

Brief moment of shock at New York Fashion Week. There is a problem with the tape fashion show: a tape breaks. But none of the black, skin-friendly bands that sparsely cover the model’s body, but: a band on the foot. A strap of the lace-up high heels snaps in the middle of the catwalk. But the model continues to walk as if nothing had happened – despite the uncertain footing in the shoe. An impressive achievement, which admittedly only becomes clear at second glance. All of a sudden the strap snaps and flies around. But the model doesn’t even flinch and stays cool. She ends her performance casually and lasciviously, earning a number of compliments on her Instagram channel. The designer himself admits: This is probably the most provocative show that has taken place at fashion week in New York. In the end, not only is his tape fashion hotly debated, but also this shoe incident, which the model handled extremely coolly.

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