Scream 6: a cult character we thought was dead will make a comeback

Relaunched in early 2022 with a fifth installment simply titled Scream, the famous horror saga is about to experience a new episode. And for the occasion, a cult character – and who we thought was dead – is about to make a comeback!

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At the very beginning of 2022, the new Scream was making cinematic and horrifying news, with a fifth installment, eleven years after the previous one. How were the stories linked despite the years apart? For those who don’t know, it’s here. To know our opinion (without spoiler!) on this fifth episode, simply titled Scream, so like the first one, it’s more like that. In any case, scream 5 had clearly divided the spectators. Courteney Cox herself had had regrets. However, the film must have been sufficiently successful, because, very quickly, a Scream 6 was officially launched !

A return that will delight fans

Since its very first episode, directed by the late Wes Craven, the saga Scream was built on a mixture of suspense, horrific sequences and geek references. It is therefore not very surprising that the producers had the idea of ​​”resurrect” a character that everyone thought was dead. Considering the number of dead littering the bloody trail of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) in Woodsboro and elsewhere, they were even spoiled for choice! The producers finally chose to bring back a character much appreciated by the public, that of Kirby Reed, the horror cinema fan with deadpan humor from Scream 4.

Of heroes to Scream 6

And it is the actress Hayden Panettiere who should take over the role of young Kirby, a blonde high school student with an amazing hairstyle! In any case, this is what the magazine variety just announced. The production also made it known that four young actors from Scream 2022 are also back: Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, as the Carpenter sisters, as well as Mason Gooding and Jasmin Savoy Brown, twins. Scream 6 will also follow their four characters leaving the cursed town of Woodsboro to try to make a new start elsewhere. Recall that Hayden Panettiere became famous for her interpretation of the cheerleader in the cult series heroes. She played until recently in the series Nashville. Scream 6 is therefore a good opportunity for her to return to the big screen.

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