Scuf Reflex: The PS5 controller now offers a ton of customization options

Launched last December just in time for the holiday season, the Scuf Reflex series controllers have established themselves as the first high-end alternatives to the DualSense of PlayStation 5. Today, a few months later, Scuf expands its offer by putting new customization options are available.

Players interested in purchasing the three Scuf models (Basic, Pro and FPS) can now choose between 32 different colors for the shells. In addition to the classic black and white, which can be selected at no extra cost, there are also those in Light Gray, Steel Gray, Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Orange (+14.99 euros) and 23 “Designer” motifs (+29.99 euros), some of which visible at the beginning of the news. In addition, the colors of the secondary body can also be customized (+ € 12.99), the left analog (+ € 7.99), the right analog (+ € 7.99), the left ring (+ 2.49 euros), the right ring (+2.49 euros), the bumpers (+12.99 euros), the triggers (+12.99 euros), the directional cross (+7.99 euros), the main buttons (+ € 12.99), the Create / Option keys (+ € 3.99) and the Home button (+ € 3.99).

The modification of every single component can cause the prices of the controllers (starting at 219.99 for the base Reflex) to rise enormously, however the level of customization is very high. You can try to custom build your Scuf Reflex controller by heading to the official website of the manufacturer.

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