Sea of ​​Thieves: on-demand PVP on the program for season 8!

After introducing the Harbor Master’s Office in its seventh season, Sea of ​​Thieves returns with something players have been waiting for for a long time. Indeed, Season 8 will allow players to compete on demand!

PVP on demand!

Before going on the attack, you will have to choose between the camp of the “Guardians of Fortune” and the “Servants of the Flame”. Both factions can be represented either going about their usual business or sinking opposing ships.

By interacting with the “Hourglass of Fate” placed on the table of the captain of your ship, you will then be able to choose your faction. This will mark you as ready to engage in player-versus-player (PVP) combat.

Thus, the ships of the opposing faction will be able to attack you. However, if you want to lead the assault, then you can dive under the waves to find an enemy at your height!

Thus, the two ships will find themselves in a designated area from which it will not be necessary to leave under penalty of seeing the hourglass tremble until it is destroyed, and thus seeing his ship destroyed and the opponent winning the confrontation.

Each battle you emerge victorious will increase the value of your hourglass, allowing you to earn more gold when you opt for peace by going to an outpost.

Additionally, allegiance to the chosen faction will be granted. Sinking 4 ships in a row will make you a Faction Champion, which will be visible to everyone on the map. The others will therefore have every interest in sinking you since they will obtain more hourglass value and allegiance.

Bringing treasure aboard a faction’s ship and defending it from other pirates also increases its rank. You can even become an emissary while representing a faction, in order to get even more rewards and increase the value of the hourglass even faster.

Tons of rewards to get

Season 8 introduces new alignments that will require you to complete stages to unlock new items, including some featuring factions.

By reaching level 100 of a faction, you will have access to new items by going to the secret area of ​​​​the tavern or the Grim Reaper’s lair, provided you have met the level conditions of course.

The Grim Reaper’s lair also allows access to a ritual to take on a skeletal appearance!

Of course, Season 8 grants access to 100 free rewards obtainable through the free Plunder Pass. It is also possible to obtain 12 exclusive items by opting for the paid version of the pass, knowing that the free version contains 1000 old coins!

The Pirate Emporium will also be renewed for the occasion in order to offer a variety of cosmetics. You can experience it all on November 22 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, and of course via Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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