Search campaign: Rees/Kalkar: 64-year-old from Hamm is missing in the Rhine

On Saturday, a 64-year-old man went swimming in the Rhine near Rees/Kalkar and did not return. The search measures were aborted.

A 64-year-old man from Hamm went swimming in the Rhine at around 5.30 p.m. on Saturday at Rhine kilometer 841, Rees and Kalkar, and was not found after a search by the police, fire brigade and DLRG. The search measures have been completed. Police assume on Sunday that the man should now be found downstream in Dutch territory.

He should be on Dutch territory by now

According to NRZ information, the man wanted to swim in the Rhine from a groyne, but did not return, so two companions informed the rescue service. Around 40 emergency services from the Rees and Kalkar fire brigades immediately started the search operation, also supported by the DLRG. They were relieved by the Emmerich and Kleve fire brigades, and finally by their Dutch colleagues, because the speed of the flow means that the missing person will have drifted further down the river. A helicopter was also involved in the operation.

The rescue workers warn urgently against going swimming in the Rhine.

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