Search to strengthen sustainable mobility against pollution

the use of the bicycle is growing and is part of the motto of the Sustainable Mobility Week / sebastián casali

The “World Week of Sustainable Mobility” advances, while different groups try to reverse road accidents and the effect of gases emitted by some 400,000 vehicles that circulate daily through the City. In La Plata, from 2016 to date, 59 pedestrians and 19 cyclists have died on public roads, according to surveys carried out by the NGO Corazones Azules that addresses this problem.

Based on the environmentalist proposal of the mid-90s, “A day without a car”, these days it is analyzed how to improve air quality by reducing the pollution produced by the burning of fossil fuels.

The entity Let’s Fight for Life, which works to reverse road accidents and take care of pedestrians, indicates that this year the motto is “Better Connections”, It is proposed to users of public roads to move in a more sustainable way, in the framework of greener, safer and liveable cities.

To encourage people to walk, use bicycles or use public transport, municipalities are asked to arbitrate permanent changes in infrastructure and legislation, especially on the reduction of maximum speeds.

In La Plata, Pedro Perrotta, president of the NGO Corazones Azules, also expresses himself in favor of different initiatives that promote sustainable mobility to place cyclists and pedestrians as protagonists of public roads.

It is known that the foundation of the celebration is to promote the use of people’s transportation in a way that does not affect the environment and, despite the fact that in recent decades the City grew and became a district with many urbanized localities, The NGO maintains that it is essential to plan a sustainable road policy to improve the quality of urban life.

According to data from the European Environment Agency, a medium-sized vehicle that runs on fossil fuel emits about 143 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. In La Plata there are about 400,000 vehicles that would be causing an alarming level of pollution.

As an example, it is indicated that a vehicle with a consumption of 8.1 liters every 100 kilometers within a city, emits 2.2 tons of carbon in 15 thousand kilometers, that is the average distance that a vehicle can travel during a year.

That is why the importance of promoting the use of bicycles and walking is highlighted.

The bicycle is a means of transport that crosses all social classes equally, it is ecological, healthy, economical and is an important contribution to achieving more sustainable cities.

However, it is stated that work must be done to raise the awareness of cyclists, pedestrians and vehicle users so that they know how to behave on public roads and respect traffic regulations.

According to statistics from different sources, of the total number of people killed in road accidents in the country during the first half of 2021, bicycle users represent 4 percent.

Meanwhile, according to the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV), only 8.3 percent of cyclists used a helmet when driving and 48 percent of the cyclists observed did not respect traffic lights.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), pedestrians represent 23 percent of fatalities due to traffic accidents.

In our country, according to the ANSV Road Observatory, in the first half of 2021, of the 1,675 people killed in road accidents, 11 percent were pedestrians.

In La Plata, pedestrians rank third in road accident statistics, a large number of them do not cross the street corners. In addition, it was found that the majority of cyclists do not use a helmet and do not respect traffic regulations. For this reason, the NGOs that deal with road issues consider the design of public policies for road safety education to be crucial.

Third place

It is the one occupied by pedestrians in relation to road accidents that occur in this City. One of the most frequent problems is that they do not cross the streets at the corners. It is proposed to carry out road education campaigns to reverse the statistics.

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