Sebastien Pineau: what do they say in Chile about the ‘Peruvian Cavani’ and what was his last statement?

Chile is his country of birth, he has a Peruvian mother and his father is French. This personal information corresponds to Sebastien Pineau, who has just been crowned champion with Alianza Lima in the Reserve Tournament and who has the possibility, by regulation, to defend the Chilean, Peruvian or French national teams.

Of the ‘Blues’, there has been no rapprochement, it is clear. However, the ‘Red’ and the ‘Blanquirroja’ have taken it into account at some point. In fact, recently, Pineau was summoned by the coach of the U-20 from the neighboring country, Patricio Ormazábal, to face the Costa Cálida Supercup, a tournament to be played in Spain.

Of course, the popular ‘Peruvian Cavani’ -who scored the winning goal for Alianza Lima in the final against Ayacucho FC on Saturday in Huacho- received a call from coach Gustavo Roverano beforehand and participated in the team’s training sessions at Videna.

What was Sebastien Pineau’s last statement?

Knowing this information, Pineau was asked if he had already decided whether to play for Peru or Chile. “Now I am focused on giving the tour (with the Red’) and then I will personally give my answer”, was the firm response of the 19-year-old athlete, in an interview with Nativa.

What do they say in Chile about the ‘Peruvian Cavani’?

In Chile, they follow with great attention everything that has to do with Sebastien Pineau. As expected, the recent words of the attacker, after the commitment of Alianza Lima, generated repercussions in the neighboring country.

“Having participated in cycles in both countries, it is expected that he will make a decision soon, since it keeps both federations in suspense, as he is contemplated by both in their future plans and projections”, pointed out the Redgol medium.

On the other hand, Emol published in a web article that “Peru also wants it. In fact, the DT of the U-20 of that country gave him an ultimatum a few days ago.

What did Roverano say about Pineau?

A few days ago, Gustavo Roverano spoke about Pineau and pointed out that he did not rule him out for future calls. “A pity about Sebastien Pineau, but I’m not going to rule him out either. Nor am I going to get into a subject of rancor, which tells me one thing and then does another, and I am going to rule out footballers … ”, expressed for RPP.

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