Secret document reveals it – Johnny makes Jack again!

HIS name is already on a secret document about the film…

For Johnny Depp (59) The Pirates of the Caribbean films were undoubtedly the biggest career catalyst. The five cinema hits brought together more than four billion dollars. But Depp was now rid of his cult role as Captain Jack Sparrow. Part 6 should set sail without him, instead a new fresh main character should be used: Hollywood star Margot Robbie (32).

Now the turnaround!

The British “ Sun“ reports from a so-called “call sheet”, on this dispo it can be seen that Johnny Depp is to return as chaos pirate Sparrow. The first secret test shoots with him are planned for February. After that, the cameras should then run properly – in a strictly confidential location in Great Britain. So Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is finally getting on track…almost six years after the last installment!

A Sun insider said, “It’s still in its infancy and there’s no director on the project called ‘A Day At The Sea’.” Bruce Hendricks, who co-directed the first three pirate films, is said to be executive producing.

Depp’s cast comes as a surprise! After his scandals and escapades, the Disney film studio actually quit working with the movie star. Low point for Johnny were the allegations of his ex-wife Amber Heard (36), who accused him of domestic violence. Depp also lost his role in the “Harry Potter” cinema universe as a result. But then the tide turned: In the summer, Johnny triumphantly won the defamation lawsuit against Amber.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fought a process mud battle, in the end the

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fought a process mud battle, in the end the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star won


She can hardly pay her bills and has to pay Depp a fine of more than ten million dollars for defamation. To make matters worse, her insurance company has now announced that it will not cover the costs of the beating process… The refined Johnny, on the other hand, can look forward to a second great career after his victory.

Margot Robbie (

Margot Robbie was supposed to be following in Johnny Depp’s footsteps

Photo: Matt Crossick/dpa

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” development also coincides with the personnel Margot Robbie, because Disney has apparently already sawed off as the new pirate star.

The actress herself told Vanity Fair a week ago, “We thought that would have been pretty cool, but I don’t think Disney wants to do it anymore.”

Without Captain Jack it’s simply not possible, the appeal of the Caribbean films depends too much on the popular sailor.

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