Secret scandal in Denmark: Now Prince Nikolai – his parents are furiously revealed

A scandal in Denmark’s royal family has reached the public eye.

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The writings about Prince Nikolai, 22, have been many in recent years. He chose to drop out of his military education and invest in a fashion career instead, which made the Danes raise their eyebrows.

Now he has ended up in windy weather again, but due to something completely different. This is an event that took place several years ago, but which has now been brought to the surface by the prince’s former principal, which has made Countess Alexandra and Prince Joachim look red.

The secrets at the Danish boarding school Herlufsholm

Prince Nikolai previously attended Herlufsholm, a boarding school known for being an educational place for children of business leaders, millionaires and royalty.

Now a documentary has been released about the school, “Herlufsholm’s secrets”, which shows how everyday life at school is fraught with bullying, abuse and violence. And the school management is accused of protecting the more privileged students, such as members of the royal family.

This is denied by the former principal Klaus Eusebius.

– I can promise you that all that is a myth, that we would have seen with a particularly positive eye on students who come from the top of society, says Klaus Eusebius to TV 2 East.

Prince Nikolai with his mother and father on his 18th birthday.

Martin Sylvest

The principal’s revelation about Prince Nikolai

Klaus then gives an example that should be about a certain prince:

– We had a student here a few years ago, who was a member of the royal family. People probably know who I’m talking about. He violated one of the school’s alcohol rules and I have to say I was icy cold that time.

– There was no doubt that it was just the guy who would have a warning, and so it was. His father also found out what happened and I think it is a very good example that we do not hold certain groups behind us.

TV 2 Øst then asks if it is Nikolai that Klaus is referring to.

– Yes, it is, he reveals.

Countess Alexandra and Prince Joachim rage against the principal

The prince then received a warning and was sent home for a time, but the incident was handled between school, student and parents, and never reached the public, until now.

Now Alexandra and Joachim are furious over the former principal’s actions. On Wednesday, you went out with a joint comment:

– To put it in pure Danish, we are furious, they write and say that he hung out Nikolai and betrayed his and their trust.

Nikolai has taken the entire fashion world by storm since its debut in 2018. Photo: Vogue Scandinavia

Photo: TT

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