Secret wiretapping of judges rejected – Court of Appeal rejects accusations of cheating

Last spring three people were sentenced to long prison terms and multimillion-dollar damages for gross bribery in connection with Region Skåne’s procurement of the Vårdexpressen IT tool.

It was the second time the case was tried in the district court, which had to retry the trial after a juror was considered to be a jerk. The other day, new accusations of cheating came from the defense just days before the trial was to start in the Court of Appeal. As evidence, the defense stated 56 secret recordings of conversations between members of the court during the breaks during the spring trial.

Questioning the audio recordings

But after examining the audio recordings, among other things, the Court of Appeal considers that there is nothing in the material to indicate that the members of the court or the recorders acted with a preconceived notion or devoted themselves to promoting the prosecutor’s interests.

– There is reason to assess the audio recordings with caution because it is unknown who made them and there is much evidence that they were made illegally, says Court of Appeal President Ylva Norling Jönsson, to SVT Nyheter Skåne on Tuesday afternoon.

As an example, the president of the Court of Appeal also mentions a document with a confidential cover page marked with the district court’s case number. However, the document is not found in the district court’s archives, which raises questions.

No shit

In the minutes of the Court of Appeal, it also appears that the minutes of the secret audio recordings are only partially reproduced and taken out of context. “For example, certain words have been omitted and it also occurs that certain statements have been recorded incorrectly,” writes the Court of Appeal.

In summary, according to the Court of Appeal, nothing has come to light that suggests that the court disregarded basic principles of legal certainty or any other circumstance that constitutes a tie.

The Court of Appeal hearing regarding Vårdexpressen begins on Wednesday.

The Court of Appeal in Malmö. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

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