“Secrets of the State”: Rahabi denounces and reframes Saïd Bouteflika

Abdelaziz Rahabi, diplomat and former minister, did not fail to respond to the latest statements made by the brother and close advisor to ousted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Rahabi was highly indignant at the words of Saïd, who told the judge yesterday that he has “Heavy secrets that could shake the state”.

For Rahabi, this is one more step towards the abyss, and “Another phase in the state’s decay that began in 1999”, he said in a contribution he posted on his Facebook page. The former Minister of Culture, before the enthronement of Bouteflika, also qualified the statements of Saïd Bouteflika as“Irresponsible”, and what happened in the court of Dar el Beida of a “Judicial instrumentalisation of state secrets”.

“Secrets are the exclusive property of the State”

Rahab s’indigne du silence “Judges and public authorities” facing the slippage of Saïd Bouteflika. Always in the same contribution, the former diplomat indicates that it was necessary “Publicly and firmly recall that secrets are the exclusive property of the State”. Algeria’s former ambassador to Central America also pointed out that “The bearers of these secrets are subject to strict rules for the protection of acquired information”.

This obligation to remain silent applies, still according to Rahabi “At the time of the exercise of state functions whatever the level”. The diplomat goes further by specifying that the protection of the secrets of the State applies auusi once one is “Involved in the strategic decision-making process”.

It has been since 2008, says Rahabi, that a “Progressive confiscation of power in Algeria by adventurers devoid of any sense of the state” is observable. The diplomat also deplores the situation which persists, even which worsens. He denounces in particular “A real informal souk for sensitive information”.

Rahab charge Saïd Bouteflika

Those “Sensitive information” that Rahabi evokes, are instrumentalized, he asserts, either “As a weapon of blackmail, a privileged tool in clan struggles, a bargaining chip, or even a pledge of loyalty and an offer of intelligence service with foreign powers”.

For the one whose career within the cogs of the Algerian state began in the 1980s, “Official secrets are by nature intended to serve Algeria and protect it, not to shake it in its already weakened foundations”.

To fight against this kind of slippage, Rahabi recommends that Algeria acquire “A real law for the protection of official secrets, business, acts, documents and data”. The founding member of the National Coordination for Freedoms and Democratic Transition (CNLTD), in 2014, believes that “The disclosure of sensitive information can constitute a risk for the security and the defense of our country”.

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