Security and economy at the heart of the relationship between Algeria and the USA

The United States Ambassador to Algeria, Elizabeth Moore Aubin, spoke on Monday, November 21, on the Algerian-American partnership, during a press conference at the headquarters of the United States Embassy. in Algiers.

Indeed, Elizabeth Moore Aubin, indicated that the field of security cooperation, joint efforts against terrorism and economic partnership, are considered among the most important axes of bilateral relations between the two countries, through the strategic dialogue that brings them together.

She also said that “the two countries seek to establish stability and achieve prosperity in North Africa and the Sahel region”.

In this regard, she also referred to the existence of a “strategic dialogue and direct talks between Algeria and the United States of America, with regard to Africa and the Sahel region”, noting that the two countries “are keen to combat the scourge of terrorism and extremism in the region. Where they both work to make efforts to achieve the creation of economic stability so that their people can live in peace and get rid of the phenomenon of extremism.

What about the rest of the domains?

The American ambassador also stressed the importance of continuing to develop the “strong partnership” between the two countries. Noting that there are “about 100 American companies operating in Algeria” and significant investments in several sectors.

She added that Algeria’s new investment law “offers all the conditions American companies are looking for. Including a secure and stable economic climate and the removal of export barriers.

In a related context, she indicated that for the air link project between Algiers and New York, she indicated that there is room for talks between the two parties, which would strengthen the economic ties between the two countries.

As for the field of tourism, the American ambassador expressed her admiration for the tourist sites she visited in Algeria. Noting that the number of American tourists will be significant in the event of the opening of a direct flight between the two countries.

Finally, in the cultural section, the American ambassador renewed her country’s support for Algeria’s efforts to improve and extend the use of the English language. She added that the number of American cultural centers in Algeria will reach 5 after obtaining authorization for the opening of another center in the wilaya of Béchar.

Adding that the number of diversity visas issued by his country to Algerians had increased in 2022 by 10% compared to 2019.

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