See what are the Stranger Things games that you can download on your phone

The first part of the fourth season of stranger things left viewers in suspense, with high expectations about what the next steps will be in the lives of Eleven, Max, Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas.

After a seemingly “quiet” season in the lives of these boys, the strange deaths in Hawkins returned, as a result of the appearance of neighborwhich almost ends Max’s life, and now threatens Nancy.

More episodes of Stranger Things 4 premiere on July 1

Now, the whole group of friends tries to fight against the threat that Vecna ​​represents, who wants to kill and destroy humanity, starting with Hawkins, because he simply does not see the point of the monotony that it is for him to live.

Fortunately for fans of Stranger Things, the second part of this season premieres on July 1 on Netflix, where we can see the outcome of this story.

While these episodes arrive, Netflix has now released a couple of Stranger Things games, thus entering the gaming sector.

What are the Stranger Things games?

The games are calledStranger Things: 1984” Y “Stranger Things 3″ and users can get them for free on the Google Play or App Store. After installing them on the mobile, users have to log in with their Netflix account details to access the games.

“An important point to note is that, although they are downloaded and installed on a smartphone or tablet, the games cannot be run outside of the Netflix application,” Infobae said.

Stranger Things 3

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