Seeing Chile in the Monumental is worth 20 times more than seeing Colo Colo

Today the official Red networks announced how fans can buy a ticket to attend the Chilean team’s match against Brazil at the Monumental stadium.

The format is quite new and one can choose a specific location, be it Arica, Magallanes, Tucapel, Caupolican, Galvarino, Lautaro, Cordillera, Ocean or Rapa Nui. When selecting the sector, one enters a virtual raffle to see whether or not one is chosen to buy a ticket.

But how much does a ticket cost? Here is the surprising thing. Arica is worth 16,500, Tucapel, Caupolican, Galvarino and Lautaro are worth 49,500, Cordillera is worth 121,000, Oceáno is worth 165,000 and Rapa Nui is worth 275,000.

Some prices away from the pocket of much of Chile to go to see a single game. Here at DaleAlbo we made the comparison of watching a La Roja match with a Colo Colo match and the difference is great.

La Roja in the Monumental

We did this exercise with the town of Cordillera, whose price is 6000 pesos in a current Colo Colo match, 20 times more, yes, you read that correctly, 20 times more than a match of the Chilean team at the Monumental. Crazy.

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