Sega annonce un concert virtuel : Sonic the Hedgehog x Steve Aoki

If life smiles on you, then see you soon for a mega sensational virtual concert in the company of Sonic the Hedgehog from SEGA and Steve Aoki, an internationally renowned DJ. Will you be?

The concerts, currently, it is as it would say, “complicated”. Yes, like the famous love status made in Facebook. So, if like a certain Thomas P., you regularly roam concert halls and other vintage balls, then this could possibly interest you. But beware, this live concert does not take place on site. COVID forces we imagine …

Sonic fans, it’s time to turn it up, I’m telling you! As you know, this event is held on the occasion of the thirty years of Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGA thus joins forces with the electro artist, DJ and producer Steve Aoki, for a virtual concert exceptional which coincides with the birthday of Aoki himself. Namely November 30. What a hell of a … coincidence, isn’t it? And we are obviously promised mountains and wonders. And especially the feeling of feeling like in a level of the famous license of SEGA.

In a digital Sonic universe, this unique concert “will transport the audience to an iconic setting similar to Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant and more”. Nice. I already want to be there … Virtually so. For fans, know that the set will last an hour and will feature original songs by Steve Aoki. But also remixed versions of Sonic’s music, from the Mega Drive period until today. The most knowledgeable music lovers will appreciate it.

Where to see the virtual concert?

Well, it was enough to ask. Indeed, the public who wish it will be able to connect to the virtual concert of Sonic on YouTube Where Twitch the November 30 at 9 p.m. As written above, the session will last one hour. And fans will be delighted to hear the sounds of the most famous music, which has marked the last thirty years, over the releases of the eponymous video games.

Below, the famous DJ Aoki during a memorable concert, which Thomas could not attend, once is not customary.

Steve Aoki Concert

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