SEGA reveals the title "hyenas"a new multiplayer shooter

Even though the month of June 2022 is drawing to a close, and there have already been plenty of game reveals through Summer Games Fest and other major events, it seems like gamers should be keeping an eye out for new game reveals. Titles.

One such event that is still going on is IGN’s Summer of Games, which has featured some exclusive content from segaas your new IP, “hyenas“, developed by Creative Assembly, the studio responsible for Total War and Alien Isolation.

Creative Assembly already talked about hyenas in a recent magazine interview, but fans didn’t know the name of the game at the time, just that it seemed to be a departure from the studio’s previous work. The game is set in a science fiction setting where humanity has made the Earth uninhabitable, leaving the super-rich to colonize Mars.

The player will be part of one of the mercenary teams tasked with robbing billionaires who have taken over the red planet. More specifically, three teams of five players will work against each other to steal treasure and “goods” from a spaceship.

Instead of forcing players to kill each other, hyenas It will offer objective-based gameplay in which the team with the most loot will be the winner. In addition to fighting human opponents, Hyenas players will also have to face AI enemies, known as MFPFs or “Murphs”.

These guards are employed by the billionaires of Mars and will stop anyone trying to loot a spaceship. Considering the praise Creative Assembly received for its work with the AI ​​in Alien Isolation, it’s possible that the “Murphs” are intriguing enemies to face alongside other players.

Beyond the enemies that players have to face in hyenas, the ships themselves are also packed with defenses. “They’re full of confidence,” Creative Assembly creative director Charlie Bewsher told IGN. “Sensors, switches, interactive systems and gadgets. It’s a great environment for this competitive game to play out.”

In the Hyenas cinematic trailer, fans didn’t get to see any gameplay, they were only told what they might experience when playing the game, such as its zero-gravity sections. However, there are plenty of features that keep players intrigued by the upcoming game, such as the different playable characters, classes, unique art style, and much more.

It seems that hyenas could create a new niche, as while the maps are too large to be considered typical of a PvP deathmatch, they are also too small to be comparable to battle royale map sizes like Call of Duty: Warzone.

With interesting goals and plenty of promising ideas from Creative Assembly, Hyenas could be a refreshing title for competitive FPS gamers. The game does not yet have a release date and is still in development.

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