Segway Navimow: Lawn mower robots will take off in spring 2022

At the beginning of September we reported about the here in the blog Navimow series from Segway. These are robotic lawn mowers that not only look futuristic, but are also supposed to do something. What I liked about the introduction: Segway’s EFLS technology eliminates the need for perimeter wires like most current products on the market. You learn the Segway Navimow – and then it is on the way without a boundary path.

At the presentation, Segway showed a number of robotic lawn mowers, which mainly differ in terms of the possible mowing area. The Segway Navimow should also come to Germany as of September. Since the announcement, however, it has become quite quiet. The reason for this: The devices are actually still in the beta test, but they are left off every now and then User videos on the YouTube platform to show how the devices work. In Germany, the season for robotic lawn mowers is likely to be over, so there is currently no rush if you are interested in a Segway Navimow. Is there already an appointment for Europe? When asked, it says: Spring 2022. Almost in keeping with the new gardening season. Hopefully the beta tests have been completed there.

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