Seishun Buta Yarou: Nina Cosplay Comes True Bunny Version of Mai Sakurajima

The art of cosplay, means putting together a costume, wigs, makeup, and accessories from some of our favorite characters from anime, video games, movies, and more; but all that effort is usually rewarded with a great result, a sign that they can take their characters off the screen or pages of a comic or manga, giving them life and leaving a pleasant memory that will become part of the story.

That’s why the artists cosplay are so well received among their followers, because they know that it usually takes time for them to reach the correct technique and path, to be able to express and represent a large number of characters, but once they achieve it, they only have to continue with cosplay work. quality and what their fans love them.

This time we will talk about mai sakurajimaknown to many, and especially to sakura What Mai San; she is the protagonist of the manga Seishun Buta Yaroua Japanese light novel, written by Hajime Kamoshidaand that tells us about her life, that of a very young, attractive girl with a pleasant and kind personality.

She still attends high school, an all-girls school, so in general she has a serious personality, and sometimes a bit harsh, but above all she easily gets angry for what could sometimes seem hostile, but that happens much more with her. Sakuta Azusagawaalthough, leaving that mask, she is a sensitive, sensible, helpful and kind person, although she has a special weakness for kaede azusagawathe younger sister of sakuta.

The girl behind this cosplay calls herself nina zoldycka Mexican cosplayer who likes to be told Little girldear, she is beautiful and talented cosplayer, she brings us her best version of Mai and shares it through his official Instagram @ninazoldyckwhere it already has more than 15 thousand followersand a wide catalog with a variety of great cosplay jobs, where you can find anime, manga, video games and more.

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