Selection.- Still in shock, the certainty is strengthened that there are not as many as was believed to be the undisputed

Still in shock, the certainty strengthens that there are not as many undisputed as believed

Lionel Scaloni in his most difficult moment: he must show personality

When the echoes of the initial slap are still far from calming down, and the bulk of the fans feel brutally disappointed, the technical director of the Argentine National Team evaluates many changes.

It is not for less. Observing the intensity that most of the participating teams have shown, and the deficit that the albiceleste showed at that point, everything that is being heard among so many speculations sounds logical.

To have come face to face with the end of a shocking unbeaten streak meant the lesser evil. The core is the insecurity that got under the shirt like a dangerous virus.

Argentina could have drawn against Saudi Arabia, in fact they deserved it, but their main flaw lay in being overwhelmed by their opponent’s conviction and intensity.

Within the heavy pressure package that will accompany him tomorrow from the locker room to the field of play, Lionel Scaloni must be clear that there will be priorities. The only sin that he will not be able to repeat before the Mexicans will be that of being overwhelmed by the obligation to show himself clearly improved.


A time, the second, was enough to strongly install the idea that the coach should not repeat the starting lineup. Public opinion would classify it as a gross error.

A synthesis of what was heard affirmed by the most afflicted put several in check: Nahuel Molina was far from conforming as a right-back marker. Cuti Romero, in physical inferiority, granted a handicap that the DT should not have validated. Tagliafico did not go well either, and Acuña, in a while, made himself noticed with more and better overflows.

In the middle was the greatest focus of criticism. Paredes and De Paul, “owners” of the central axis and considered essential men, were left in debt. And especially the former Racing player, who looked unknown.

Five men out of the ten on the field designated, almost unquestionably, as very low points confirm that, unlike what was believed, there are not so many undisputed starters to face the second game of the World Cup.

The Green Hawks did a lot more damage than was apparent. They cornered Scaloni. They took him to the most stressful instance since he became a technician; and therefore, in charge of the first national team.

Suddenly, and when no one envisioned a possible storm front, the still novice driver finds himself going through very complicated hours.


While the curiosity of the moment is to obtain the training that will surely have modifications, people only hope that they will be given what they so badly need. The verb to win re-enters the scene with the vigor of the imperative.

Julián Álvarez could enter (it would be a fair prize if he had to face such a responsibility), Acuña, Mac Allister, Enzo Fernández, Germán Pezzella or Lisandro Martínez… It will not matter too much for the average Argentine who has been in a state of shock since nine o’clock last Tuesday morning.

Five men out of ten in the field did not live up to what was expected of them

A punctual demand on this or that last name is not perceived in the soccer town. Yes, about performance and, fundamentally, around the result.

Champion of America no less than in Brazil and beating the host in the final, safe and convincing passage in the knockout stage, almost certainly Messi’s last World Cup, good players who succeed in European football… With everything listed, it would be much more than a great sadness not to pass the group stage.

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