“Self-righteous” and “spoiled”: Insider unpacks about Prince William

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Prince Harry’s dreaded reckoning with royalty is set to fill shelves from January 10th. None of the royals expect good news. An insider has now revealed that Prince William in particular is “horrified” by Prince Harry’s behavior and has also become much clearer.

London – The Sons King Charles III. (74) are on different life paths. Even if their childhood and youth will always connect them, the relationship has cooled down noticeably. The announcement of Prince Harry’s (38) memoirs in particular is not well received by Prince William (40), since “Spare” is likely to have a major impact on the senior royals. A palace insider reveals in telegraph now the extent of the “horror” of the heir to the throne.

“The Prince of Wales can be difficult at times,” reveals an acquaintance

He bluntly called Prince William “self-righteous” and even referred to him as a “spoiled little *****” despite always having the interests of the royal family at heart. Journalist Simon Heffer (62) apparently stood for that telegraph in contact with the insiderwhich should not make the already difficult start of the new year easier for the monarchy.

Prince William is
Prince William is “appalled” by Prince Harry’s announced memoir. All high-ranking members of the royal family are afraid to find details about themselves in it, but not all are equally displeased (photomontage). © Rui Vieira/dpa & Instagram @penguinrandomhouse

King Charles had “had a safe and dignified start to his reign,” the source observed, rejecting dire predictions by some pundits that he would not be able to assume Queen Elizabeth II’s responsibilities. Also, it no longer seems unlikely for Charles III to win the public’s affection. But it doesn’t stop with praise.

Even as a toddler, Prince William behaved terribly

As the future heir to the throne, Prince William was under scrutiny from an early age. He wasn’t always noticed as a little sunshine. On the contrary. In the book “Palace Papers. The Windsors, the power and the truth,” writes author Tina Brown of how terribly the current Prince of Wales behaved as a toddler.

“By the time he was four, he had a nasty habit of yelling at his nanny, Barbara Barnes, ‘Nobody’s going to tell me what to do! When I am king, I will have you punished.’”

Is Prince William on Prince Harry’s literary hit list?

“However, the year ahead will bring further challenges as he cements his place in the life of the nation as its head of state.” Referring to the release of Prince Harry’s book, he stressed that it was a “major concern” for the company that “is already having an impact on the upper echelons of the royal family”. Heffer continued: “The Prince of Wales is said to be appalled at his brother’s general behavior and that the book will be published at all.”

However, there is no doubt that he has the interests of the royal family in mind when he laments the duke’s behavior, the source said, although he previously listed the character flaws. So far, experts thought that Camilla (75) had the most to fear from Prince Harry’s memoirsPrince William now seems to be a potential target. Sources used: express.co.uk, telegraph.co.uk

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