Self-service electric scooters: major upheaval in Paris

According to information from BFMTV, present at a press conference attended by representatives of Dott, Lime and Tier, self-service electric scooters will be prohibited for minors from Monday November 28, 2022, in Paris.

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At the end of September, David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of the transformation of public space, transport, mobility, the street code and roads, brandished the threat of banning electric scooters available in self-service in Paris. The three operators Lime, Dott and Tier were warned.

5 months from the renewal of the contracts, we are asking ourselves the quesLimeTition of continuing or stopping here with the freefloating model for scooters. Are the operators able to react and quickly? That’s what we asked them “, had declared the elected Parisian. To that, the operators reacted precisely, and quickly.

Ban on minors

Representatives of Dott, Lime and Tier held a press conference on Thursday, November 24, in Paris – the CEO of Lime even traveled in person from San Francisco, as the journalist from the echoesAdrien Lelièvre on Twitter – to present a whole series of new measures, reports BFM TV.

The strongest of these is none other than the ban on self-service electric scooters for minors – as in Lyon, but at the initiative of the municipality -, and this from Monday November 28, 2022. To check their age, an identity scan will be performed. Another strong decision: the addition of a license plate, attached below the rear light of each vehicle.

Operation seduction of micromobility operators who want to keep their license in Paris. Lime’s boss came from San Francisco for the occasion 🛴⚡️

— Adrien Lelievre (@Lelievre_Adrien) November 24, 2022

We put them with the aim of making our users more responsible“, explained Henri Moissinac, the boss of Dott. This will also facilitate the work of verbalization of the police, it was indicated. Several proposals have also been presented to show their willingness to change things with the Paris City Hall.

In particular, a new technology for detecting sidewalks was mentioned, which could make it possible to drastically limit the speed of scooters used on this type of road. As a reminder, the use of an electric scooter on a sidewalk is prohibited, unless the city authorizes it. Here, the idea is obviously to protect pedestrians.

Another proposal is based on the financing of an experiment in video reporting, with the approval and management of a competent authority. Better educating users on driving in pairs and driving on sidewalks is also part of the avenues addressed.

The defense is organized

As notedBFM TV, the trio of operators also wanted to defend themselves against certain criticisms leveled at them. In September, David Belliard was virulent towards them: “The account is not there: scooters parked anywhere, uncertainty about the environmental balance sheet, accidents, uninteresting modal shift, non-compliance with the Highway Code“.

No, scooters are not more dangerous than the others. It’s the only bridled way“, retorted the boss of Dott. And to continue:No, they are not all badly parked, they are 96% correct“. The standoff with the town hall has clearly not come to an end.

According to data from Fluctuo, a specialist in shared mobility data, self-service electric scooters are increasingly attractive. The number of journeys recorded over the period November 2021 – October 2022 increased by 88% compared to the period November 2020 – October 2022.

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