Self-service store partially closed for delivering disposables

Islands with plastic trays inside a self-service store.

The partially closed store is located on Avenida Canal de Tezontle 1512, in the Doctor Alfonso Ortiz neighborhood, Iztapalapa mayor’s office. / Photo: Special.

[{“src”:”https:\/\/\/media\/pictures\/2022\/06\/20\/2775170.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”La tienda parcialmente clausurada se encuentra en avenida Canal de Tezontle 1512, en la colonia Doctor Alfonso Ortiz, alcald\u00eda Iztapalapa. \/ Foto: Especial.”,”alt”:”Islas con charolas de pl\u00e1stico dentro de tienda de autoservicio. “,”thumb”:”https:\/\/\/media\/styles\/image400x300\/public\/pictures\/2022\/06\/20\/2775170.jpg”}},{“src”:”https:\/\/\/media\/pictures\/2022\/06\/20\/2775171.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”La Sedema detect\u00f3 que se entregaba a los clientes productos pl\u00e1sticos desechables. \/ Foto: Especial. “,”alt”:”Islas con charolas de pl\u00e1stico dentro de tienda de autoservicio. “,”thumb”:”https:\/\/\/media\/styles\/image400x300\/public\/pictures\/2022\/06\/20\/2775171.jpg”}},{“src”:”https:\/\/\/media\/pictures\/2022\/06\/20\/2775172.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”Es el segundo supermercado que la Sedema sanciona por violar esta ley. \/ Foto: Especial. “,”alt”:”Pasillo parcialmente clausurado por vender productos desechables. “,”thumb”:”https:\/\/\/media\/styles\/image400x300\/public\/pictures\/2022\/06\/20\/2775172.jpg”}},{“src”:”https:\/\/\/media\/pictures\/2022\/06\/20\/2775175.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”La Sedema inform\u00f3 que durante la visita encontr\u00f3 un s\u00f3tano que era utilizado para almacenar los insumos. \/ Foto: Especial. “,”alt”:”Bodega donde se almacenaban los pl\u00e1sticos de un solo uso que se entregaban a los clientes.”,”thumb”:”https:\/\/\/media\/styles\/image400x300\/public\/pictures\/2022\/06\/20\/2775175.jpg”}}]

The Secretariat of the Environment of Mexico City (Sedema) partially closed the Self-service store Super Chedraui for not abiding by the ban on bags and products from disposable plastic.

This is the branch located at Avenida Canal de Tezontle 1512, in the Doctor Alfonso Ortiz neighborhood, Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

After carrying out a reconnaissance and prevention visit by the staff, on Friday, June 17, the delivery of plastic bags was detected in different areas of the establishment. At the site, the delivery of single-use plastic bags to customers in the fruit and vegetable, pet, delicatessen and cheese areas was observed,” the agency said in a statement.

While in the meat, poultry, fish and seafood, soda fountain and bakery areas, the presence of disposable plastic products and the delivery of trays of different sizes, as well as containers with lids for food and salads of different sizes, were detected. for dressings and trays with lids for cakes and bread, he added.

In aisle 10, the sale of single-use disposable plastic products such as spoons, forks, plates, bowls, glasses, trays was observed; while in the pharmacy area, swabs with plastic sticks were sold, ”he pointed out.

The Sedema reported that during the visit a basement was found that is used as a warehouse and it was verified that this place, of 12 square meters, was used to store the aforementioned supplies, which were delivered to the public or put up for sale.

Due to this situation, in which the provisions of the Solid Waste Law of the Federal District are not complied with, three stamps with the legend Closure were placed and another six in the warehouse with the phrase Insured”, it was indicated.

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The local Solid Waste Law establishes that from 2020 and 2021 the commercialization, distribution and delivery of single-use plastic bags and products is prohibited.

It is the second supermarket that Sedema sanctions for violating this law. On June 7, the agency reported that it had partially closed the 692 Soriana Pilares branch.


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