Seniorenring Lustenau-Rhine Delta

barefoot path
©Seniorenring Lustenau

A few years ago, Bizau created a barefoot path along the meanders of the Ulve in the spacious Bizau Moor.

In the best summer weather, this barefoot path was the goal of 50 members. Led by Melly Grabher, we walked in single file, shoe in hand, over coarse gravel – very unpleasant – grass, dry and wet clay, stepping into the icy water of the brook. Feet had to be placed carefully on the rough stones in the creek bed in order not to slip. Further on, the Ulve had fine gravel and sand and it was wonderful to stand in the water and cool off your legs. After this adventure we were rewarded with a schnapps from Hans-Dieter’s large flask.

We briefly visit the Gebhard-Wölfle-Saal, where theater is played in the evenings, during the day it is the gymnasium for elementary school students. This cozy day came to an end in the Gasthaus Taube with the best hospitality. Shortly before Lustenau we were caught by a violent thunderstorm. It was raining like cats and dogs, there were torn branches on the streets and we saw the blue lights of the fire brigade and police flashing again and again, but our nature needed this rain badly.

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