Seño María: House robberies

My friend, photographer Gary, came to the restaurant for his chicken stew, vegetable soup and giblets and, for sipping, passion fruit juice. “Maria, the delinquency it’s getting worse.

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You can no longer even walk around the neighborhood because you are exposed to being attacked by ‘brands’ and ‘racket men’ on a motorcycle or car. Notice that now they assault in buses and combis, as if we lived on the road and were at the mercy of the ‘road pirates’. My neighbor had her house emptied the other day when she went to the market to do her shopping. It didn’t take half an hour! When he arrived, he no longer found his television, sound system, his children’s computer and even the clothes he had just bought.

The thieves broke the door with a ‘kickstand’ and loaded everything into a cart, without the gossip on the block or the rest of the neighbors noticing. This is why electronic surveillance systems are becoming so popular, because thieves are becoming more and more experienced. Although it is also good to say that not everyone can pay for surveillance cameras, automatic alarms or another security system. That is why I bring some tips to avoid being a victim of theft at home in case you have to go out.

Make sure to keep windows and doors tightly closed, both in the front and in the patio or outside gardens.

To pretend that someone is at home, leave a curtain up, the light on, or an appliance on.

Ask a neighbor to take a ‘peek’ at the house while you are away or to come to the door so thieves know they won’t have it very easy.

If you go on a trip, even if it is only a few days, do not give information about it to strangers or people you have just met.

Try to keep your most valuable things, like jewelry or money, in a special place.

And before you head out, keep an eye out for a few signs:

If you see any strange marks on the door of your house or neighbors. Thieves often mark stolen houses with burglary symbols that can mean, for example, ‘woman alone in the house’, ‘household with high purchasing power’, ‘there is a dog’, ‘prevent the theft of the house’, ‘ valuables’, etc.

Be very careful when they knock on the door and technicians or inspectors of electricity, water or telephone appear. Call the company before opening them.

If you see strangers walking frequently on your block, notify the police ”.

Heck, my friend Gary is right, you have to be careful. I’m leaving, take care.


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