Sensitive contract situation: Kyereh in the Bundesliga?

In the Bundesliga one deals with the personnel Daniel-Kofi Kyereh from FC St. Pauli. As the ‘Bild’ reports, the attackers have clubs from the German House of Lords in their sights. However, the tabloid does not name names in this context.

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For some time now, Kyereh has been delivering top performance on the assembly line. His five goals and nine assists in 14 league games have given the 25-year-old model athlete three international matches for his native Ghana.

Sensitive contract situation

Kyereh is contractually bound to Pauli until 2023. According to the ‘Bild’, there is a ban on switching in the winter, but six months later the Kiezkicker will have to find a solution if they do not want to lose the service provider after the end of the contract free of charge.

“He feels right at home here, has an environment where he can optimally call up his performance. And he still has a year and a half contract. I’m not worrying about next summer “, says coach Timo Schultz about the offensive man. The interest of the German first division team will certainly not diminish, should Kyereh be able to preserve his form.

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