September 11, 20 years later: a military staff monitors Belgian airspace

SFollowing the attacks of September 11, NATO asked its members to provide air police for their territory. In Belgium, this mission is called QRA, for Quick Reaction Alert. In the CRC, the control and reporting center of the air force of the Belgian army installed for a year in Beauvechain, operators identify all the planes which fly over the Benelux. Whether they are civilians or soldiers. They must know everything about them: destination, owner, origin, altitude, etc. This information is transmitted to NATO as well as to neighboring radar centers. If necessary, two fighter planes permanently stationed in Florennes for QRA missions are sent to carry out a visual check. It must go very quickly, because in ten minutes, a plane crossed the country, given its small size.

When taking off from Florennes, QRA pilots may be faced with different situations. And therefore to different reactions to have:

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