September 11, 20 years later: New York has changed, but was it for the better?

Lhe trauma is always present, immense, buried in the psyche of bereaved communities, of decimated neighborhoods. The images of
twin towers
which once crowded tourist shops have disappeared, supplemented by the portraits of victims on countless small monuments arranged in parks and on the walls of fire stations. Smiling faces of mustached, white, Puerto Rican, Asian, African American firefighters, certainly more engaging than the actual 9/11 memorial, which plunges into the bowels of Lower Manhattan. A grueling immersion for the visitor, thrown into the abomination of the disaster, between bent steel bars, a partially crushed fire truck, heartbreaking sound messages from passengers, employees and flight attendants, photos of victims throwing themselves into the empty to escape the flames devouring the flanks of the north tower, first struck at 8.46am by the five terrorists of American Airlines flight 11.

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