Serbia’s Eurovision artist sings about Meghan Markle’s hair: Here’s why

Several viewers are said to have reacted to Serbia’s contribution to Eurovision after the different lyrics.

After the commercial: Cornelia Jakobs joy collapse after winning the Melodifestivalen


It is the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, where Cornelia Jakobs takes a seat on stage in the hope of pinching a place in the grand final that takes place on Saturday.

Ten of tonight’s eighteen entries will advance to the finals. Cornelia was second to last out with her song “Hold me closer.”, And she made an outstanding performance!

Another artist competing tonight is Konstrakta, who represents Serbia, and probably many viewers cheered when she performed her song.

The truth about Serbia’s song in Eurovision

Although she sings in Serbian in the song “In corpore sano”, it is clear that she mentions Meghan Markle – but what does she really sing about the Duchess of Sussex? Yes, about her shiny curls.

– The text line is: “What is the secret behind Meghan Markle’s healthy hair?”, Konstrakta tells Aftonbladet and continues:

– It’s a headline from a real newspaper article, which gave the feeling that it revealed the universe’s enormous secret. But when you read the article, it did not contain anything. So it’s an example of all the rubbish in the media, which contributes to our confusion.

Singing about Meghan Markle’s hair

In fact, it is a form of criticism to all people who are constantly seeking a healthy lifestyle through the latest health trends.

The intention was not really for people to get caught up in the song line about Meghan Markle, but in retrospect it has benefited Serbia’s contribution.

– Now it seems that it makes people shout, when they hear Meghan Markle, who is waiting, what was that?

Photo: TT

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