Sergio Gilbert on Quinteros: “He wants to direct in Argentina”

Sergio Gilbert is a prominent national journalist who for many years has been linked to the current situation in Colo Colo. In conversation with Dale Albo he talks, he had words for the football rebirth of the popular cast and stopped to analyze the moment that two players and Gustavo Quinteros are living.

For Gilbert, one of the most important players in the Cacique’s scaffolding is Gabriel Costa. “I loved how he is playing. He is the player most undervalued by the colocolinos. The colocolinos today are unfair with Gabriel Costa, he misses many goals, especially in the first fifteen minutes, he has some bad decision, but he has clarity, he has made it work a Colo Colo. I really like how he’s playing”He assured.

With whom he was not so generous at the time of analysis was with Gabriel Suazo. “I am very critical of Suazo. The goal that Melipilla makes, when he throws the ball to the center, is outrageous that a professional player does it. That is taught in soccer schools, it cannot be done by a professional”, He declared.

To later assess some aspects about the game of the left back. “I recognize one thing, which obviously all the Colo-Colinos recognize, is a guy who is identified with Colo Colo, he will always go to fight her, he makes a lot of mistakes, he has room to grow. It is a good sign of what is happening, today, in Colo Colo, it was bad, but it is improving “, he expressed.

At the end he had words for Gustavo Quinteros, whom he says he knows a lot. “He has made me remember Gustavo Benítez in many ways. It seems to me that he is a serious guy, obsessed with his things, he is very clear about what he wants in his future. He has managed to convey what he wants in Colo Colo, he can make a good story, I don’t think it’s a long story “he confessed.

“He wants to coach in Argentina, if an offer comes to him from a big club in Argentina, he will leave. I think he will not be in Colo Colo for long, but he wants to go champion. I don’t know if you have to give him everything he asks for, but if you recognize him and help him ”, Hill.

Sergio Gilbert confessed the wishes of Quinteros | Photo: archive

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