Serious incidents in Martinique: BFMTV journalists targeted by gunfire (VIDEO)

Reporting in the streets of Fort-de-France, a team of journalists, including members of the BFMTV editorial staff, were attacked by armed men and suffered several shots. A scene filmed and relayed by the news channel continuously.

Martinique has been, by sectors, in an almost insurrectionary situation for a few days. Blame it on the anger of some residents, who do not support the new restrictive measures taken by the government to stem the fifth wave of Covid-19. The situation remains explosive, especially in certain streets of Fort-de-France, as the journalists from BFMTV, accompanied by an AFP photographer and a photojournalist from the Abaca Press agency, have had the bitter experience. . This team was in fact reporting overnight from Thursday to Friday, in order to verify compliance with the curfew imposed from 7 p.m. If calm seemed to reign in some neighborhoods, they very quickly came face to face with a flaming barricade, witness to a burning dispute that has not been extinguished since last Monday. But behind this burning barrage was hiding a real attempt at ambush.

Journalists taken to task escape unscathed

As we can hear on a video broadcast by the channel continuous information, our colleagues were attacked by men on motorcycles. Arrived at their height, the individuals did not hesitate to open fire with a weapon several times. The blasts immediately panicked the team of journalists, who closed the doors at full speed before fleeing in the direction of the barricade, in order to see their vehicle hidden by the flames.. Luckily, the shots did not hit their targets and no injuries were to be deplored. Nevertheless, the management of BFMTV, worried about its collaborators on the spot, reacted strongly by denouncing his criminal acts.

Police officers shot

That same night, clashes did take place not far from the center of Fort-de-France. Representatives of the security forces were also attacked by armed men. Assessment of these new particularly violent events: a police officer, a member of the judicial police, was shot in the arm. A colleague was also shot, but the bullet nestled in her bulletproof vest. The Raid had to intervene to dismantle the dam and restore a calm which could only be very relative.

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