Sets and matches for the female Colo Colo win!

Colo Colo female He lived an extraordinary morning on the David Arellano field of the Monumental Stadium. The albas thrashed by six to zero Sports Iquique on a new date of Women’s National Championship, for which they added three important points to continue at the top of Chilean football.

Everything started in a positive way for the albas, who, two minutes after starting the game, started winning this commitment. Anabel Guzmán appeared at the far post after an aerial clearance by Javiera Grez to open the scoring.

And it is that the small forward of the Cacique, Javiera Grez, increased the difference of this party. The scorer alba managed to control the ball in an extraordinary way within the area to leave the score of two goals to zero in favor of Colo Colo.

Minutes later, the same forward would take the second personal victory of the match. María José Urrutia would dress up as a creator by sending a cross to the far post, so that Javiera Grez would score the Cacique’s third to go to rest.

Already in the second part, Anabel Guzmán would also shout her second personal goal with a head blow inside the area. Everything happened through a stopped ball that allowed the player alba to anticipate all the Iquiqueñas for the four to zero.

The fifth goal of the match came from Nicol Sanhueza who received an authorization from the right sector of the female attack, the player controlled in an extraordinary way inside the area with her thigh, leaving two defenders on the road to unleash the celebrations at the Monumental.

The last goal of the commitment came from Antonia Alarcón who appeared at the far post to decree the sets and match with the Cacique’s six to zero on Deportes Iquique, and giving three important points to the female branch of Colo Colo.

Colo Colo remains in the second position of the championship with 31 points, remaining five units behind the leaders Santiago Morning who will be their next rival on Wednesday of next week at the Monumental.

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