Seven days of unemployment, millionaire losses and a new hearing for the toll conflict

After a week of unemployment, this Tuesday there will be a new hearing for the toll conflict on the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway. The parties will meet starting at 9 o’clock with the aim of finding a solution tailored to the force that has already generated losses of about 120 million pesos for the Buenos Aires coffers.

The workers of the Single Union of Toll Workers (SUTPA) announced that they will continue the barriers erected at the tolls in the context of the conflict that the sector maintains with the company AUBASA. This Monday there was a key hearing at the National Ministry of Labor and the parties did not reach an agreement. While – as reported– The possible interest of the union behind the force measure transcended.

The meeting will take place after the workers of the union did not comply with the mandatory conciliation dictated by the Ministry of Labor of the Nation and advanced with the protests that are generating great losses for the Buenos Aires collection. The force measure that was promoted “for an indefinite period” began on Wednesday and keeps the barriers of all the tolls of the Highway and the Integrated Road System of the Atlantic (SVIA) raised, which represents a deficit of 20 million pesos per day .

Also, sources who were at the meeting on Monday told that during the same “the union representatives showed a very hostile attitude towards the administrator of the company (Ricardo Lissalde), who was appointed by the governor (Axel) Kicillofthey made serious accusations that can give rise to the opening of summaries or legal actions for slander and insults”.

In this context, the road concessionaire questioned the attitude of the union that drives Facundo Moyanoson of the trucker leader Hugo Moyano; for the heavy losses caused by the protest. In the signature they highlighted their commitment to start a dialogue with the union authorities and questioned the attitude of SUTPA, which refuses to abide by the decision of the national authorities to stop the strike and try to unblock the conflict: “What they do is block the Telepases so that you can only go through the manual payment booths and that way none of the cars that go through the tolls pay to do so.“, explained sources linked to the company and pointed out that because of this “the collection is zero”.

Days ago, the national authorities had ordered “to consider a period of mandatory conciliation started for a term of fifteen (15) days, and the situation must go back to the one that existed prior to the start of the conflict and for the duration of this conciliation procedure” . The Labor portfolio also resolved to “order the SUTPA union entity and, through it, the workers represented by it, to nullify, during the period indicated in the previous article, any action measure that they were implementing and/or planned to implement, providing services in a normal and habitual manner”.

The Resolution exhorted the parties to maintain the best predisposition and openness to negotiate the issues on which they maintain differences with AUBASA and thus contribute to social peace and improve the framework of labor relations within the companies involved. .

In the company they had ensured that they have been strictly complying with the salary obligations with the workers as well as with the contributions and contributions to the union, the social work and the mutual, despite the difficulties and disagreements in the joint negotiations between the parties and therefore understands that there are no reasons that justify a conflict of this magnitude, which cause “irreparable damage”. As indicated, within the management plan agreed with the provincial government, AUBASA has been making decisions, within the framework of its own faculties, for the fulfillment of the objectives set to provide better mobility and safety to users with operational and technological excellence, improving the infrastructure.

In this case, the company also made it clear that “it maintains an open dialogue with union entities, in different instances of participation, in an effort to strengthen the company’s human capital and in respect of labor rights.”


The SUPTA protests began on Wednesday. “Our organization is carrying out a measure of force with the lifting of a barrier, for an indefinite period, throughout the AUBASA company and the Integrated Road System of the Atlantic (SVIA)”reported the union leaders and pointed against the “incompetence, mistreatment and lack of predisposition of the authorities” of the firm.

The union authorities published a strong statement in which they warned that for several months they had shown their intention to start a dialogue to work on the “labour reconversion” of the activity, but denounced that the firm is not willing “to sit down with the workers putting at risk the future of the activity and the source of work for all”.

In this framework, they shared nine points that explain the protest and are part of the demands that they intend to resolve:

  1. Failure to comply with the joint agreement where the creation of a bipartite table for the application of technology and labor reconversion is established.

  2. In pursuit of NOT creating this table for consensus, we want to implement the technology through the placement of antennas on the tracks of all AUBASA and SVIA stations, without taking into account the worker and an adequate process to project that implementation without affecting staffing.

  3. Arbitrary closure of the Mar del Plata customer service office. Bearing in mind that the toll activity is in the process of evolution and reconversion, the president of the company intends to send the staff of the office to the toll, knowing that there are no functions for them.

  4. Survey of the San Bernardo road safety base. Achievement acquired in the last time to provide a more effective service and shorten the travel distances of the workers.

  5. The construction of the Santa Teresita Monitoring Center was not started despite the fact that the tender was already awarded in January. Continuing with the line of lack of interest in retraining personnel, they stopped its construction, limiting the possibilities of job retraining.

  6. Persecution and threats to heads and managers of AUBASA who work together with the union organization for the correct labor conversion. They are spreading fear through sanctions, warnings and even dismissals without cause.

  7. Dismissal of system manager Cesar Di Lorenzo for working cautiously on job conversion and not losing jobs.

  8. The building and safety and hygiene conditions, which they promised to improve, continue to be deplorable.

  9. They did not respect the last agreement signed before the Ministry of the Nation where they promised to respect the working conditions of the grass cutting workers, who have not had functions for two months. On the other hand, they also did not deliver clothing (summer and winter) in a timely manner.

And so they concluded that as a result of what was described, they will maintain the measure of force and continue “alert and mobilized“Waiting for a solution to the conflict.

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