SEVENTEEN: the impressive house shared by its 13 members

It is one of the groups k pop most rooted in current music and as such their fans are aware of what they do on and off stage. SEVENTEEN, the group from South Korea, has set musical and sales milestones in Asia and around the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that his legion of fans number in the millions. Precisely, these usually ask them questions regarding their personal life, such as where they live or how they live.

The 13-member boy-band is not only considered one of the largest groups in K-Pop after Super Junior and NCT, it is also one of the most synchronized in the industry and the most self-sufficient.

Since their debut they have shown that they do not need a team to create music, as they are divided into composition, choreography and rap teams. In addition, they have been one of the first idols to break the million album sales mark, so they enjoy great fortune.

They have released 4 studio albums, 1 compilation album, 2 special albums and 9 EPs (Photo: Seventeen / Facebook)
They have released 4 studio albums, 1 compilation album, 2 special albums and 9 EPs (Photo: Seventeen / Facebook)


Being thirteen members, fans of South Korean celebs often ask how they carry out their coexistence harmoniously, even more so considering that they must share space for a long time, especially during their concert tours.

In that sense, during a Korean program, the members of SEVENTEEN They revealed that not all live together, because being 13 members, they are divided into groups. In the same television space they revealed that they all live in the same building, but occupy three different floors: 4 or 5 members per floor.

More than one member, in an interview or live broadcast in which they have participated, has expressed that they take care of the housework themselves; that is to say, of the kitchen, cleaning and other necessities.


The artists, even in some streaming, have shown from the inside what the house they live in looks like, and although it is not known exactly where it is or what its value is, some fans on social networks have begun to hallucinate with it.

Thus, recently, a fan decided to digitally recreate what one of the floors where the SEVENTEEN would live in would be like. The plane, created by computer, has gone viral on networks and YouTube. Look.

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