Several report menstrual disorders

TV 2 has mapped how 200 women have experienced menstrual disorders after the coronary vaccine. While some have experienced complete loss of menstruation, others have experienced prolonged bleeding that lasts for months.

On 11 November, the Norwegian Medicines Agency had processed 1404 reports. Now, two weeks later, the number is up to 1964. The majority of the messages come from women of childbearing age.

Of all the messages that have been processed, 145 are classified as serious. The definition of a serious side effect ranges from hospitalization to the fact that it has affected the woman a lot.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency publishes a new yearfetch every other week with updated adverse reaction figures related to the coronary vaccine. In total, they have now received 42,537 such reports of suspected side effects.

– In addition, we have received 124 reports of women experiencing unexpected abdominal bleeding after menopause. 119 of these are classified as serious, the Norwegian Medicines Agency writes in the report.

All abdominal bleeding after menopause is automatically classified as severe.

The case is being updated!

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