Sex, blood and boom boom: it was Duke Nukem Forever

In 2001, a trailer for Duke Nukem Forever, sequel to a cult shooter, terrified fans. The title was never released, but is resurrected today thanks to a leak.

I still remember the hours spent on Duke Nukem 3D, a crazy shooting game that has everything detestable: a hero with a toxic masculinity, an assumed hyper violence, a frontal sexualization… We are in the middle of the 90s and, at the time, everything was allowed. Huge hit and instant classic, Duke Nukem 3D should have had a sequel a few years later, called Duke Nukem Forever. Announced in 1997 and shown at E3 2001it only came out many years later, in 2011, in another much more disappointing form.

Many fans are no doubt still fantasizing about the Duke Nukem Forever which was initially promised by the 3D Realms studio, which experienced so many setbacks that the development, which had become chaotic, failed at Gearbox Software. Hence the 14 years that separate the formalization of the launch, as well as the totally different orientation. But imagine that the Duke Nukem Forever original still exists today thanks to a leak posted on 4chan and spotted by May 9. It includes videos and images of the game, but also a playable version (to take advantage of it, you have to follow several steps that can be tedious).

The original Duke Nukem Forever is ‘playable’

Do you doubt the legitimacy of this leak? George Broussard, co-founder of 3D Realms who worked on Duke Nukem 3Dconfirmed the authenticity of these sequences of Duke Nukem Forever. In a tweet posted on May 9he indicates : ” Yes, this leak looks real. No, I don’t want to talk about it or rehash a painful past. “He takes the opportunity to shower some hopes:” However, you should temper your expectations. There is no full game, just a few pieces of levels. I have no idea who may be the source of the leak. »

The author of the leak confirms the absence of a complete game, given that it was never finished. He mentions several portions that can be traveled – some have no enemies. In any case, he intends to make the source code available to everyone and no doubt he hopes that some fans will get to work to finish what 3D Realms started. This is what a surfer suggested in response to George Broussard: “ The community will take care of completing what, unfortunately, you could not do. »

Duke Nukem Forever // Source: 4chan (via
Duke Nukem Forever // Source: 4chan (via

The few videos show a Duke Nukem Forever in the line of Duke Nukem 3D, with the same daring breath which makes all the charm of the saga. We thus find the ardor of a hero who never misses the opportunity to comment on his actions, consisting in emptying his chargers on everything that moves (including members of the SWAT infected by extraterrestrials, within a strip- club). Note the presence of many gauges in the interface, including one related to the ego. It seems to fill up when Duke performs feats. Logic.

You can interact with the strippers when you enter the club. But by the time the game is saved, most are dead “, specifies the leaker for those who would ask the question. In Duke Nukem 3Dwe could drop a little note for them to show their breasts – moments that would make the sex toys of Cyberpunk 2077 for innocuous items. A whole different era which is reborn, a little, thanks to this leak.

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