‘Sex’ Ureña, the origin of the curious nickname of the possible new reinforcement of Universitario

His name is Rodrigo Urena and it will be the next ‘6′ of University of Sports. He is Chilean, he is 29 years old, everything indicates that he will be the replacement for Claudio “La Flaca” Yacob with whom the creams have been negotiating his departure. However, one of the things that attracts the most attention is his curious nickname: in Colombia he was baptized as “Sexo Ureña”.

Why do they call it “Ureña Sex”?

Hold. Don’t think bad. It is not that the new reinforcement of Universitario has been supported like the Brazilian Vagner Love. Nor is it a guy involved in other types of extra-sports events.

The man born in Conchalí, in Santiago, in March 1993 in his country is known as the “Pitbull”. The reason? It is that he is a midfielder who scratches, does not wrinkle, always goes to the crash and gives everything on the field. Yes, characteristics that may well fit into the University and that would have led the creams to sign him.

However, in the last three years Rodrigo Ureña played in Colombian soccer. He defended América de Cali in 2020 and 2021. This year he joined the ranks of Tolima.

In fact, it is in Tolima where they began to call themselves “Sexo Ureña”. As we said lines above everything has a reason. This nickname began thanks to Colombian women and Tolima fans, who saw Rodrigo Ureña as an attractive guy.

So if you search on twitter you will find several mentions in which they call him with that curious nickname. He will occupy the place that Claudio Yacob must leave, who in Argentina is known as “La Flaca”.

The numbers, a clear message and your welcome:

Beyond the curious nickname Rodrigo Ureña is a player that Tolima fans lament when he leaves their team. It is that he was one of the most regular this season.

Throughout the year Rodrigo Ureña has played 36 games, scored three goals and received ten yellow cards. In 25 games he started and in 11 of them he entered. On his social networks he already said goodbye to Deportes Tolima.

“Today this beautiful stage lived in Ibagué culminates, it was a year full of joy and learning, where above all I rescue the good moments lived as a club and the great achievements we obtained during the year,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

In that social network he also showed that he is already preparing to play in Peruvian soccer. It is that he uploaded a photo of a plate of potatoes a la huancaína. Everything indicates that he will arrive in Lima next week and will be presented.

Rodrigo Ureña and his post with a plate of Peruvian food.

Rodrigo Ureña and his post with a plate of Peruvian food.

And the cream fans also prepare a curious welcome when it is presented at the “Cream Night 2023” that will be played on January 7. Several of them ask to be called by his nickname.

“When Rodrigo Ureña is presented at ‘Noche Crema 2023’, we all have to shout:” SEXOOO, SEXOOOOOOO “”, wrote a user. “When I go out in the stadium they should put “Sex I buy, sex I sell, sex I rent”, “answered another.

Beyond the nickname Rodrigo Ureña will arrive with a clear objective: leave everything on the field, enter the history of Universitario and give him a title that has been elusive for almost 10 years.


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