"sexters", the star assistants on OnlyFans; the profession of the future?

the success it has had onlyfans is creating new posts of work that could become the professions of the future, since they could earn seven million pesos a year if you decide to join this new industry as star wizard.

There are many social networks out there today and each of them with a different market, with an intention, such as OnlyFans, a content creation social network in which users can pay to access the content of one of the creators.

Given this, in recent months the name of OnlyFans has been on everyone’s lips, so this platform, which has existed since 2016, registers a million users around the world and has become the best tool to generate money for many people.

According to a study conducted by Semrush, USA It is the country that registers the most users of the digital platform, where in January 2022 they accumulated approximately 248 million visits to the website of adult content creators.

Likewise, the United Kingdom is the second country that registers 23.5 million visits on the platform to share photos and videos; while users from Canada and the Netherlands accumulated around 13 million and 6.5 million visits to the website.

According to public statistics from the platform, OnlyFans has paid up to three billion dollars to content creators. That is why, although it may seem very strange, the importance of this digital platform is because it has positioned the audiovisual content production industry, since it eliminates intermediaries and allows people to monetize their audiences through paid subscriptions or payment. for downloading the content they have created.

OnlyFans Attendees

'Sexters', the star assistants on OnlyFans;  the profession of the future?

Professions of the future will be involved with technology

As if it were a company, the success of OnlyFans is producing new jobs, so the most prominent stars of the application hire assistants to answer the sexual messages they receive from users of the platform and these figures can earn between 18,800 and 31,350 dollars a month, approximately 360,000 dollars a year, which is equivalent to around 7 million pesos.

The so-called “sexters“, are people who are behind an outstanding profile on this digital platform and who are dedicated to reply to sexual messages that users submit. Becoming the dream job for many people and they are already beginning to share them on other social networks such as Twitter.

Although the terms of the platform stipulate that content creators cannot share their passwords or allow anyone else to use their access to their pages, the large number of direct messages that some of them receive has led them to make the decision to have people who take care of responding and paying them with a percentage of their earnings generated by the application.

“Once you get past a certain amount of subscribersit is an impossible task to manage messaging alone, ”said a former OnlyFans model to a report published by Mel Magazine.

In that sense, this figure mentioned that most of those models that are already very famous on the platform “use a management company”, which are teams that work 24 hours a day and where the majority are men.

According to another publication on the social network Reddit, a man revealed to be managing accounts for girls on Onlyfans, saying that he receives tips of between one hundred and 400 dollars, which is equivalent to thirty percent of what the new creators who join earn. to the platform.

For its part, another sexter commented in an Insider publication that there are currently 200 Telegram groups where the vacancies of the creators of OnlyFans are shared. Likewise, Cindy, as the 26-year-old virtual assistant identified herself, noted that “administrative work can include anything from helping to write captions for creators’ OnlyFans pages to following expired fans of a page so they can keep getting messages from the creator.”

As well, Cindy’s work ranges from reaching out to other creators to promote their clients on their pages and signing shoutout deals with those creators on behalf of their clients.

In conclusion, social networks have become an option and tool for many people in the world, where turning it into your workplace has worked for the new generations.

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