Sexual dysrhythmia: How to recover the lost desire? symptoms and causes

One hides being tired and the other person feels that his whole body aches. These are excuses frequent to disguise that, in reality, there is no desire arrest sex with your partner.

For Gary Rivera, a psychologist expert in sexual health, these attitudes that have become frequent in pandemicoccur when “the level” of the sexual desire low and if it is not controlled in time, it can reach a dysrhythmia sexual.

“When in the relationship desire or the need for sexual encounters coincide, everything flows. The problem starts when one of the two wants a higher frequency and the other is happy with more sporadic relationships, ”she explains.

What are the factors?

The causes can be psychological, emotional or a combination of them. affects fatigue, stress labor, economic problems, family responsibilities or even sexual ills that they are afraid to tell their partner. But there is a more determining factor for the lack of harmony, the routine.

“He who wishes to have more sex with their better half and can’t, they start to get frustrated and even come to believe that their partner has stopped loving them or that they don’t want to have sex because maybe they’re with someone else,” says Rivera.

The psychologist suggests, first, to talk with your better half to find out if this change is due to any concern you have. Talk lovingly about what’s going on with him, flatter him, or ask if he needs some downtime.

Also, if you need therapy as a couple, go to one to rethink your relationship. In case the reason is due to the lack of attraction or love, separate so that the bond does not become toxic.

Strategies without pressure

They can be done to arouse desire: such as blindfolding, running a feather over the skin, scenting the room or preparing aphrodisiac foods can raise your libido.

“Remember not to pressure anyone. Neither one is better than the other, it’s just different. Sexuality should be enjoyed if two people agree and not feel ”, she mentions.

Also be positive. Understand that the difference in sexual frequency is not directly related to the degree of love. Look for a close up and things.


  • The time to consult a professional is when there is little frequency of sexual encounters and there is a crisis.
  • At the age of 4, the dysrhythmia begins, but due to the pandemic, the cases worsened in young people.
  • Don’t forget that work or financial stress, and emotional or psychological burdens can disrupt your intimacy.


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