Shall we dance-Cengiz: – Not sure if I should participate

This week, Cengiz Al (24) is current with the new Viaplay series “Fenris”.

In the series, he has one of the main roles as the investigative journalist Naim Karimi.

In addition to being current with the new series, he is also in the TV 2 programs “Forræder” and “Shall we dance: all stars”. That makes this a busy autumn for the actor.

– Different from everything else

Al says that it is great to be back in a leading role.

– There is always the same amount of adrenaline and nerves which means that I get it confirmed every time: This is what I love to do.

Al plays the role of the tough journalist, and this is something he has no previous experience with as an actor. Thus it became instructive.

– Trying my hand at the role of journalist is completely different compared to everything else I have done. But at the same time very educational and rewarding.

He points out that it took him more time to settle into the role because he did not have much experience in the profession as a journalist. He himself could not imagine a career change.

– Not because I don’t like the profession. I have the curiosity you need, but I couldn’t be that way all the time.

Through his role in the upcoming series, the 24-year-old has realized that it is very much about being on, and that you should be the first to do everything.

– I have great respect for the profession. It is enormously demanding.

It was a big transition

The series is within the thriller genre, a genre that Al has not dealt with before. It was thus a transition for the experienced actor.

CURRENT WITH NEW ROLE: Cengiz Al plays the main role together with Ida Elise Broch. Photo: Birgitte Skorpen Normann / Good evening Norway

– It was a big transition, yes. It was very dark and gloomy. The first time I read the script, I was completely engrossed.

But despite the gloomy atmosphere of the scenes, Al points out that the atmosphere on set was not the same.

– Fortunately, we didn’t take the darkness with us outside of filming. We had so much fun together. It was a very nice group.

A lot on the screen this autumn

Although the actor has been active in several roles since the success of Skam in 2017, there have never been as many projects as this autumn.

In addition to being current with the new series, he can also be seen in the TV 2 programs “Forræder” and “Shall we dance”. For the 24-year-old, it was not a matter of course to say yes to everything.

– I didn’t like the idea of ​​being involved in so much at once, to be honest. But when you do TV, you don’t decide when things will come out.

He says that it has been a whole year since “Fenris” was recorded, and that “Traitor” was recorded earlier this spring. When he realized that these two programs would premiere in the autumn, it was therefore not a matter of course that he would say yes to “Shall we dance”.

– I didn’t say yes to “Shall we dance” right away. We got the request in February, but I was very unsure because I didn’t want to be in the monitor that much.

PROFILE: Cengiz Al and Rikke Lund have garnered a lot of praise during

PROFILE: Cengiz Al and Rikke Lund have garnered a lot of praise during “Shall we dance: all stars” Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

He says the reason is that he was afraid people would see him more as a reality contestant than an actor. He points out that he is primarily an actor, and that this is what he would most like to do.

– But I live for experiences and things that sound fun. And then I just couldn’t say no to dancing. It’s something I love. So that’s why there is a lot this autumn. But I believe and hope I will come out of it well, he concludes.

– Not just “Shame”-Cengiz

Ever since the success of “Skam”, the actor has been popular in this country. Among other things, he had the lead role in last year’s blockbuster “Three Nuts to Cinderella”.

Despite this, there are still many media who refer to him as the “Shame actor”. Al thinks it’s weird.

– I think it’s a bit small when I’ve done so much since then. I absolutely own the role, but I’d rather be referred to as Cengiz.

Al points out that it was also one of the reasons why he joined “Skal vi danse” in 2017.

– I wanted to show another side of me. That people would rather associate me with my name than with a role I have played. I think it’s like that for all actors.

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