"Shame" Y "Nightmare": This is how the international media reacted after Argentina’s defeat

The Argentine and world media agreed on the “hard blow” to the “unexpected” defeat of the Argentine team in its debut at the World Cup in Qatar against Saudi Arabia.

While Clarín highlighted the “hard blow for Argentina” because Saudi Arabia won the match “with a flurry and shocked the world”, La Nación called it a “collapse in Qatar” due to the defeat of the Argentine team that “complicated their fate in the World Cup.” But in the world, the defeat of the albiceleste against the Saudis also generated an earthquake.

“Saudi Arabia surprises Argentina and turns the score around in eight minutes”, that’s what El País (Spain) called it; Marca highlighted the “Historical Firecracker”, from the albiceleste. In other Ibero-American countries they also titled the defeat. El Comercio (Peru) titled it as “Historical: Arabs came back and prevailed over the ‘albicelestes'”. El Tiempo (Colombia) also reflected the “first bump” in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. “Argentina will have to control their nerves so as not to say goodbye to the Cup,” said O Globo (Brazil).

At the European level, the BBC (UK) said it was “an illusion turned nightmare”, while Le Parisien (France) described Mohamed Al-Dawsari’s “magic sequence” as “putting Saudi Arabia ahead of Argentina “. La Reppublica (Italy) said that “Messi is not enough” in Argentina’s defeat, and Der Spiegel headlined that “Argentina is ashamed after losing to Saudi Arabia.”

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