"Shameful": Beraldi showed the lie of the judicial operation with the flights

In a new day of the final argument of the defense of Cristina Kirchner in the case of Vialidad with which they seek to harass her, she once again revealed the judicial framework of the prosecutors and judges.

Lawyer Carlos Beraldi referred to one of the alleged “proofs” that Cristina and businessman Lázaro Báez had gotten together. The ridiculous thing is that the dates of that supposed meeting are based on a flight of the presidential plane that, in fact, did not take place that day.

“The objective data had to be obtained that Cristina was going to meet with Báez. They had the message, a newspaper article that said that the President was going to Santa Cruz that day…. The problem is that she has a delay, because that news does not correspond to the 30th, it is from the 29th, ”Beraldi clarified.

And he added that: “This arises because it was published by the newspaper La Nación, I am surprised that he has not read La Nación. That day was not the low flight, it was the 29th.”

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