Shares of the Ftse Mib that could be about to shoot upwards

As expected immediately after the publication of the data relating to the first nine months of 2022, the prices of the LUVE share were pushed up again towards the historical highs. The excellent data which saw a 150% growth in profit (from €18.2 million to €45.5 million) had a very good impact and could be linked to the boom in the construction sector caused by the super bonuses. We remind you that for some building bonuses we have arrived in the Cesarini area, it is the last call to catch them on the fly.

At this point, however, the quotations have reached decidedly important levels. In fact, the 24.4 euro area has already rejected the bulls four times. A break of this level, therefore, could push the stock much higher. This is why, therefore, we are talking about shares of the Ftse Mib that could be about to shoot upwards.

Note that iThe group is not very sensitive to the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine’, an area to which it is exposed for approximately 4.2% in terms of turnover and 3.1% in terms of order portfolio.

To conclude, we recall that, according to the market multiples method, the stock is undervalued whatever the indicator used. Furthermore, according to the analysts covering the stock, the average target price expresses an undervaluation of more than 30%.

Shares of the Ftse Mib that could be about to shoot upwards: the indications of the graphic analysis

The title LUVE (MILLUVE) closed the session of 21 November down by 0.83% compared to the previous session, at 23.80 euros.

As we said, the future of this stock could strongly depend on what happens in the vicinity of the 24.4 euro area. The break of this level could push LUVE prices towards new historic highs in the 25.3 euro area (the second price target). The maximum bullish extension, on the other hand, could go to be placed in the 27.65 euro area (III price target).

In the event that, on the other hand, the bullish break fails, then the prices could retrace up to the 20 euro area.


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