Shares with a rich dividend on the verge of starting up again

How many shares in Piazza Affari with a capitalization of more than 1000 million euros that have a dividend yield of more than 5%?

At present, of the 71 companies that meet the capitalization requirements, 23 have a dividend of more than 5%. Among these, ENI are in second place among the shares preferred by analysts. According to the recommendations of the experts, in fact, the average target price expresses an undervaluation of about 45%. Furthermore, the dispersion between the various indications is very limited, being equal to about 11% Only Stellantis with an undervaluation of about 65%, according to the analysts’ recommendations on the average target price, does better than ENI.

Second, then, the graphical analysis those ENI are shares with a rich dividend on the verge of starting up again. However, we will deal with this in the next section.

Now let’s continue the analysis of the ENI stock by exploring the indicators related to its fundamentals.

If we compare the price / earnings ratio of ENI with its European competitors in the Gas & Oil sector, it turns out that the Italian share is undervalued by about 50%. Underestimation that grows to 70% if we consider the relationship between price and turnover. Furthermore, it should be noted that this ratio is equal to 0.4, an absolute low level.

Shares with a rich dividend on the verge of starting up again: the indications of the graphical analysis

The title ENI (MILENI) closed the session on 22 September at € 11.34, unchanged from the previous session.

As can be seen from the graph, ENI’s prices are set down, but at the moment they are supported by the support in the 11.058 euro area (I price target). If this support were to hold even in the next few sessions, the chances of seeing an upward restart could increase. Restart that could become something lasting in the event of a daily closing above 11.46 euros. In this case the scenario represented in the figure by the dotted line could become very probable.

The breaking of the support, on the other hand, could push prices towards the 10 euro area, first, and then the 9 euro area.

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