Sharpshooter, “tagging” and cute bat in Apex Legends’ latest season

Apex Legends is still hot, and Respawn just unveiled the game’s latest, fourteenth season.

This time, the developers once again turn their focus to the original map, Kings Canyon, where they have, among other things, turned the previous Skull Town, Thunderdome and Cage.

This is what Skull Town looks like in season 14.

Respawn Entertainment

In addition to this, the map has undergone changes in both “loot” distribution, lighting and how easy it is to rotate between the typical points of interest on the map. These are all changes that should help Kings Canyon keep up with the other maps in the game.

Vantage arrives in Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment

Say hello to Vantage

As usual, a new hero character also comes with the new season, and the name of the newcomer is Vantage. She has spent her entire upbringing in the outback, where she has learned to survive with the help of instincts, her aim and a budding friendship with the bat Echo.

This is reflected in the fact that Vantage is extra good with sniper rifles, can “tag” enemies for its teammates, and send out Echo to later fly through the air to it. You can only see all the properties and changes on the map in the recent trailer in the video window above.

A brand new “battle pass” is of course also in place, and the developers have also raised the level ceiling to well above the existing 500 levels.

Apex Legends’ Hunted season kicks off on August 9.

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