“Shattered – Dangerous Affair” – Like mother, like daughter

Lilly Krug (21) is the daughter of Veronica Ferres (57, “super woman”). In this US erotic thriller she plays her first leading role.

Story: In the supermarket millionaire Chris (Cameron Monaghan, 29) learns the beautiful Sky ( Krug) and falls in love with her. The two are ambushed and Chris is injured. The young woman offers to take care of him in his luxury villa. But after a short time she shows her true colors…

30 years ago, the “Basic Instinct” star would have Sharon Stone played this role. Newcomer Krug isn’t that cool yet. Nevertheless, the sexy psychopath is easy to believe – at least for the first half of the film.

Lilly Krug as a sexy psychopath in the film

Lilly Krug as a sexy psychopath in the film “Shattered – Dangerous Affair”

Photo: Leonine

After that, the whole thing gets way too over the top to remain believable. After all, John Malkovich (68, “Con Air”) makes a short appearance for a little good mood in the rather brutal story.

Conclusion: The erotic thriller starts in an exciting and sexy way. Then the twists not only get bloodier, but also crazier. The shock finale makes you shake your head.

(92 min./FSK: from 16 years)

Photo: BILD

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