She fled Ukraine for France: Algerian threatened with deportation

Following the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, France took the step of welcoming refugees escaping such a situation of insecurity. However, among the latter, there are Algerian students; who decided, one day, to continue their university studies in Ukraine.

However, France did not hold back very long to launch the first obligations to leave French territory. A procedure very dreaded by Algerian nationals established in France. Indeed, the latter believes that some refugees may return to their countries of origin. As long as these present safe and secure conditions. Thus, the French government granted foreigners residing in Ukraine protection for only one month.

Among these refugees to whom France has addressed an obligation to leave French territory, is Nissia. This student, who one day embarked on the adventure of leaving her family in Algeria to continue her studies in Ukraine.

Fleeing Ukraine, an Algerian student faces an OQTF

Originally from Bejaia, this coastal city of Algeria, Nissia joined the faculty of Odessa located in the South of Ukraine; to continue his university studies in paramedic. She leaves this country, in search of more security, following the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. And this, in the direction of Poland then Germany to arrive in France. Where she finds her family and enjoys temporary protection for a month.

Last May, and hoping to find a solution for her refugee situation. Nissia approached the prefecture of Yveline in Paris. However, on the spot, she receives a cold welcome from an agent asking her for her passport and her Ukrainian study certificate. A few minutes later, the agent issued her with an obligation to leave French territory, and made her understand that she only had one month to return to her country of origin, Algeria. This is at least what InfoMigrants reported according to the 30-year-old young woman.

Thinking of an upcoming application for a residence permit, Nissia has already obtained acceptance from two French universities, notably in Bordeaux and Lyon. Despite this, the French government considers that the young Algerian does not have the criteria required to obtain a residence permit.

Arrived at the end of the time that the French granted him, Nissia has not yet asked for a decision. Not being ready to send everyone up in the air and join Algeria, the latter only has the choice of leaving France for another country. However, for the moment, the young Algerian student is continuing her courses remotely, and is considering any possibility of obtaining a residence permit in France.

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