She was left alone in her house in Tolosa and was approached by two armed criminals

The house on 119th Street, in Tolosa, where a retiree was robbed/web

Insecurity extends to all corners of the City and now it was the turn of an elderly woman in the town of Tolosa to suffer.

According to what a neighbor told this newspaper, the incident took place on 119th Street, almost at the corner of 32nd, just in front of the property where a gas filling station used to operate.

It was in the morning hours, between 11:50 and 12:20, that two criminals took advantage of the fact that the young man who was accompanying the victim went out to walk his pet to the boulevard.

Needless to say, the property is located a few meters from the “365 COEM” operational base, which concentrates the work of Civil Protection, SAME and the municipal hydrometeorological monitoring system.

However, the thieves did not care.

With great audacity they jumped the small fence at the front of the property, crossed the front garden and benefited from the fact that the access door had been left unlocked.

Thus, with great ease, they showed that they were armed to reduce the owner of the property and dedicate themselves to what they know how to do best: take the largest amount of money and valuables in a short time.

By the time the person accompanying the woman returned, there was no longer even the slightest trace of the criminals.

It was learned that the Police became aware of the fact and that they will now try to identify them through the neighborhood’s security cameras, mainly from the aforementioned official building.

Meanwhile, they decided to transfer the proceedings to the authorities of the UFI of Ignored Authors No. 9 of La Plata, waiting for more directives.


In Ringuelet, on the other hand, at the intersection of 518 bis and 8, a young woman who was walking her dog was also caught in the mooring line of two motorcycle jets.

In seconds, as soon as they saw her unprotected, one of the assailants got out of the car, struggled with the victim and took out a bag with different belongings.

Everything happened on Wednesday, around eight at night, and the terrible sequence was recorded by a camera on the block.

In the images you can see how, out of nowhere, the criminals appear on a motorcycle, while the young woman, as soon as she was dispossessed of her bag, tried to run them, without success.

Inside the luggage he had his wallet and a cell phone.

It was said that the suspects’ vehicle is a black 110, quite deteriorated and with only one mirror on the left side.

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