Sheinbaum sent support to Coahuila through two water pumps

Sheinbaum sent two 100-horsepower trucks to Coahuila

The Mexico City Water System (Sacmex) reported that the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, sent support to Coahuila due to the case of, at least, ten trapped miners. Similarly, the president of the capital announced that she would send a special team to be able to rescue the men from the municipality of Sabinas, Coahuila.

“We heed the call of our president @lopezobrador_ and the Head of Government @Claudiashein, at this time and in coordination with @SEDENAmx, we send two bombs of 100 horsepower to Coahuila, in support of the miners trapped in the coal mine,” Sacmex wrote.

It was last Wednesday, August 3, that the tragedy occurred in the mining sector of Coahuila, at approximately 1:35 p.m. a collapse was reported inside a coal pit located in the Conchas area in the municipality of Sabinas, causing a flood leaving to the trapped men and surrounded by tunnels filled with up to 34 meters of water.

There are at least nine miners trapped 60 meters above the ground (Illustration: Jovani Pérez / Infobae)

“We are heeding the call of the president @lopezobrador_ to send support to Coahuila, in aid of the miners trapped in the coal mine. Already coordinating actions with the Water System and in contact with General Agustín Radilla, undersecretary of the @SEDENAmx”, the head of the capital wrote this Thursday.

Currently the federal government is working against the clock to save the lives of the ten workers. More than 24 hours of the fact they are still without advances. The last thing that the president of the Mexican Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, commented on was that it would apply the DN-III plan and 92 elements of the Ministry of National Defense are in place.

According to the undersecretary of Sedena, Agustín Radilla, around 230 officials, four canine pairs, six National Guard divers and urban ambulances are involved in the rescue operation.

Families desperately wait for the rescue of their relatives (REUTERS / Antonio Ojeda)
Families desperately wait for the rescue of their relatives (REUTERS / Antonio Ojeda)

It should be noted that during President AMLO’s morning conference, Laura Velázquez, national coordinator of Civil Protection, announced that five miners managed to escape and were taken to a health center after presenting injuries; three remain hospitalized.

In an interview with journalist Azucena Uresti, she commented: “In order to send rescuers, Sedena divers or puppies to help us, we have to lower the water levels. It would be extremely risky no conditions to download yet”.

The pumps sent by the government of Mexico City will be part of the rescue work, since the security forces are carrying out drainage and pumping works from the water wells.

Authorities affirm that there are still no conditions to be able to rescue them (REUTERS / Antonio Ojeda)
Authorities affirm that there are still no conditions to be able to rescue them (REUTERS / Antonio Ojeda)

Although many of Sheinbaum’s supporters felt that sending support demonstrates the importance of empathizing between entities, many others railed against her, pointing out that can’t solve the problems of the city but “put” his hand in Coahuila. And it is that one of the recurring themes against the president is the Collective Transportation System Meter (STC), which has had various irregularities.

A few others pointed out to Sheinbaum to continue campaigning for the presidency on the occasion of the 2024 elections, since it should be noted that she is one of the main “bottles” uncovered by AMLO himself.

The fact of the trapped miners caused great indignation among the people as they demand that the authorities watch over their lives. The men’s families are outside the mine, desperate and waiting for their rescue.


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