Sheyla Rojas responds to Advíncula’s mother for saying that it was ‘not worth’ for her son: “He doesn’t know me”

IT IS CONFESSED. Sheyla Rojas She was recently in Peru with her boyfriend, Sir Winston. Images of the ex-blonde at a party with Magaly Medina and her husband, Alfredo Zambrano, went viral on social networks and she was also encouraged to visit her old television home on the program ‘En Boca de Todos’. However, days after her stay in Peru, the model will talk about soccer player Luis Advíncula.

But Shey Shey also provided a exclusive interview for ‘Al Sexto Día’, where they announce an interview for this Sunday where he promises to ‘bare his feelings’. “Everyone wanted to have her in privacy, but she chose us”, says the advance.

In the images, you can see how the reporter asks whether or not she is ‘interested’, in reference to the criticism she received for a controversial chat where she talked about Luis Advíncula. They also reminded him of the words of the selected team’s mother, who assured that ‘was not worth’ to his son.

Sheyla Rojas makes a mea culpa and responds how she feels when they call her a ‘bad mother’. He promises to reveal all his privacy and also responds to Advíncula’s mother.

“We talked to Advíncula’s mother and she didn’t speak highly of you”, says the journalist. “Yes Yes i saw it”, he is heard answering Sheyla Rojas, who assured that the lady “talks like that because she knows me.”

The ex-host of ‘You are in all’ made a piss of all his actions and, on the other hand, reveals what does she feel when they call her ‘bad mother’, after leaving his son Antoñito with his father, Antonio Pavón, in Spain, to settle in Mexico.

Sheyla Rojas returned to television when she appeared on the program ‘America Hoy’. The model was subjected to questions of myth or truth by the conductors Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza and revealed that she has spent around 100,000 soles on surgeries. Popular Shey Shey said she doesn’t rule out spending more.

“Is it true or myth that you invested more than 100,000 suns in your mermaid body?”Ethel asked him. Sheyla Rojas responded with a “truth”, however, when she returned from the commercial cut she pointed out that it is a myth because she plans to spend even more money.

“Myth because the credit is still open”Said the former host, which unleashed everyone’s laughter on the set of ‘America Hoy’. Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter assured her that she already looks regal from head to toe for another surgery and Shey Shey reaffirmed herself.

“Whatever my doctor says, I will do it to myself, if he tells me to do such a thing, I will be there first thing in the morning”, he pointed. After that, Giselo questioned her, but the model responded strongly.

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